Willows Veterinary Surgery Extension Solihull

The works comprised two single storey extensions, internal reconfiguration and refurbishment of operating theatre, Procedure Room, 41 Kennels, Pharmacy and external works

The works were carried out in an extremely busy environment being a working medical practice of 180 staff and a high volume of visitors bringing pets for diagnosis and treatment.  The Greswolde Site Management interacted with the Practice Management and Staff on a daily basis to ensure that work was stopped to allow quiet for critical times such as operations and exams as the building is also a training and coaching centre.

Considerable phasing of works was required during the contract as to allow the relocation of the pharmacy a critical element of the practice to permit conversion works to a new clinical area.  There was also a significant element of M&E work content because of being a medical establishment.

Significant additional works worth over £200,000 were instructed by the Client midway through the project including adjustments to condenser units, installation of medical gases, bin and gas bottle stores.

The development also included the latest radioactive iodine treatment for cats necessitating installation of lead lined plywood to the treatment bay.

We have a very busy practice, which also offers emergency services, so it was vital we were able to provide business as usual while building work went ahead,”

Greswolde has worked closely and effectively with us to ensure we were able to limit the impact on the practice to a minimum.” said Brian Watson, Hospital Director.


Willows Veterinary Surgery Extension Solihull Images

Key Facts

  • Client: Willows Veterinary Centre & Referral Service
  • Value £1 Million
  • Project Duration: 26 Weeks